If you’re thinking about updating your bathroom, no doubt you are concerned about price. The trouble is, inquiring about average costs won’t get you very far in terms of having a realistic idea of how much you’ll have to pay to make the changes you want.

Here’s why:

Many factors determine the cost of a remodel, and the final price can vary widely—from a few thousand to tens of thousands. Some of the things that affect pricing include:

  • Size of the Bathroom: It will typically cost less to renovate a smaller bathroom, but there are exceptions to every rule. For example, if you focus only on the wet areas, the size of the bathroom won’t matter as much.
  • The Extent of the Renovation: Some bathroom remodeling projects focus on the entire space, while others add a single new feature, such as a tub or shower.
  • Materials Used: Installing premium materials, such as stone, will raise the cost of a bathroom remodel.
  • Location: The cost of bathroom renovations varies, as home updates are much more expensive in some locations than in others.

Are Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodels Possible?

Yes! There are ways you can get the style, functionality, and accessibility you want without overpaying. One such strategy has already been mentioned above: focus just on the wet areas to keep bathroom remodeling costs in check. A new tub or shower, along with a surround and other features, will transform your bathroom for much less than a traditional renovation.

The most reliable way to get an accurate estimate for your bathroom renovation is to have an in-home estimate completed by a reputable bathroom remodeling company.

I Need a Shower specializes in wet-area bathroom remodels, and we offer:

  • Replacement Tubs
  • Replacement Showers
  • Bathroom Conversions
  • Walk-In Tubs

We’re proud to install products from Design Imaging, which mimic the look of stone or tile in durable, affordable acrylic.

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